the study and design of engineering of biological systems.

Bionics is a field of science including a lot of fields of science.

Bionics fields of science (List updated and dynamic)

BioAi, Biochemistry, Bioelectronics, Bioengineering, Biology, Biomimetics, Biomimicry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Ecology, Electronical Engineering, Entomology, Enzymology, Forestry, Genetics, Geochemistry, Mechanics, Medicine, Microbiology, Mineralogy, Neurology, Nucleonics, Optics, Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology, Robotics, Systematics, Thermodynamics, Virology, Zoology.

What is Bionics?

Bionics has different definitions, temporal and current.

The University of Melbourne

The term ‘bionics’ comes from joining together the words ‘biology’ and ‘electronics’. For example, the Bionic Ear is used to electrically stimulate the inner ear because the critical parts that pick up sound are no longer working. Our research is seeking to develop new systems and to improve the performance of existing bionic systems.

The University of Sydney

The field of ‘bionics’ is one of the primary embodiments of biomedical engineering. In the context of this unit, bionics is defined as a collection of therapeutic devices implanted into the body to restore or enhance functions lost through disease, developmental anomaly, or injury. Most typically, bionic devices intervene with the nervous system and aim to control neural activity through the delivery of electrical impulses. An example of this is a cochlear implant which delivers electrical impulses to physiologically excite surviving neurons of the auditory system, providing the capacity to elicit the psychological perception of sound. This unit primarily focuses upon the replacement of human senses, the nature and transduction of signals acquired, and how these ultimately effect neural activity.

TU Berlin

Science for the utilization of results of biological evolution
The task of bionics is the analysis of biological processes and structures and their synthesis for the designs of tomorrow. The idea of Bionics is based on the fact of evolution and coevolution in nature. Technologies of life are optimized and in harmony with one onother. It is a chance if imitating the biology to receive an efficient solution which fits at the same time in the environment. Because who speaks today about gentle technology does it mostly with a look to the biology.