We are redesigning entertainment in Groningen. We are organizing events in several Locations in Groningen and supporting musicians. We are about to create the first quality Agenda for MusicLovers in Groningen. Our idea is to have a timetable with events sorted by musicgendre. For Musicians we are programming a social media for knowledge interchange. So they can get together on one media and gain from the experiences of each other. Money can’t by me Love. So, it’s not all about money. Musicians love to play at sessions. We share information about the sessions and special events in Groningen.


A little bit about Sessies in Groningen: Sessies in Groningen has begun with the Sundaysession in the Pizzeria Ristorante Rigoletto. After a nice time of joying together, making music, we have thought about music sessions. So we did two sessions at sundays without an eventpage. Just in a small circle of music insiders of sessions. After the second we decided to share this wonderful atmosphere with everybody loving life music. So we created the first official Sundaysession. The reaction was so positive that we looked for new locations to do same too. After a little bit of research in Groningen we found some of the most beautiful locations for sessions in Groningen. So we have put it into a project named: “SESSIES IN GRONINGEN”

Sessies in Groningen supports musician to earn their own money an advises how to marketing Your music allone without a label or a manager. Sessies in Groningen also serve with gigs to be booked for professional events. From 12 Sessions indoor and 2 Sessions Outddoor 7 musician have been the first time on stage 5 musician learned to play new instruments. 1 musician became a professional and 1 musician was booked for a gig. All of the sessions are for free in some of them we serve with drinks.

SESSIES IN GRONINGEN has arrived in Groningen. A lot of people are talking about us and liking our project. We were just beginning some weeks ago. We are happy about all the feedbacks from the musicians, location owners and audience. If you want to support us feel free to contact us. Or like and share our pages and events in the social media.