A reaction to 9/11/2001 after inspection of the NSA files


Worldwide Revolution 9/12/2001
against capitalism, violence, terror, war, State, slavery and system

1. The Revolution
2. Why is a revolution necessary?
3. What is capitalism?
4. What is violence?
5. was is terror ?
6. What is war?
7. What is state?
8. What is slavery?
9. was is system ?
10. The thought

Original: First script in Hannover, Germany, Europe
By Ferhat Ataman aka Islam
Public Enemy Number One
Head of Worldwide Revolution Facebook Group

1. The Revolution
The Revolution is to fight until everywhere,
at every point of the world is Peace and love.
The Revolution is from the people for the people.
The Revolution is to find a worldwide solution to our nature.
The Revolution is to find a worldwide solution for our health
The Revolution is for everyone to understand reality.
The Revolution can’t forced no more.
The Revolution came into reality by Prophet Malcolm x, 1969
We are the children of The Revolution.
We are the people, we are the power, so
Power to the people.

2. Why is a revolution necessary?
A Revolution against capitalism is necessary
because people lose their lives through Capitalism.
Because capitalism is the reason for violence, terror, war,
State, slavery and System.
Because Capitalism destroys everything natural.
We only have one nature. When nature dies. We die too.
We are not able to live in the future
if we don’t clean are our nature.
We need all our power to keep this planet green.
For Peace and love for all of us.

3. What is capitalism?
Capitalism is violence, terror, war, State, slavery
and system Worldwide.
Capitalism is the abuse of all possibilities,
just to make money or make more money.
We find this abuse of opportunities in every society,
Just like in all the states in the world.
Capitalism is a disaster as a whole
and a danger to all of us.
Capitalism is the way of governments
to take the people’s money.
Capitalism is why everything is more and more expensive.
So, life becomes more and more hard.
Capitalism is the beginning of
the end of a peaceful life at our earth .

4. What is violence?
Violence is any physical and psycological activity
that do not allow us to live our individual life.
Violence has different faces.
Violence can be found in commercial, just as in private areas.
Capitalism uses violence in any way to defend and secure
the money of governments.
Governments use weapons with their military and police.
The Governments are using narcotics in psychological
Hospitals and in prisons to keep revolutionaries quiet.
Governments use violence, if necessary,
to the point of the Death.
Violence always causes terror.

5. was ist terror ?
Terror is physical and psychological destruction using
the Violence to manipulate people only for capitalist interests.
Terror is the answer of the governments,
if there is Any opposition.
Terror is always an activity of governments,
even if they say that they are against terror.
We find terror everywhere where people fight for their rights.
Governments need terror as justification for military resources .
Terror is organized worldwide by governments as part of war,
To keep positions of economic benefits.
Terror Causes War directly.

6. What is war?
War is military activity that governments use to
To destroy life in any way.
War is to kill people you never saw before, as well
Even You’re not knowing what you’re killing for.
War is always world war.
War is the last way of governments
when they lose their power, To get it back.
War is also about destroying cultures, people,
resources and opportunities.
War is always destructive. War has no base in this time.
War is a danger to nature earth as a whole
and not just for the Areas of wars.
War is the end of life.

7. What is state?
State is to control everybody to get their money.
People in a state have no rights.
Every power goes out from the governments.
State is only for a time and is convicted to die
because is not natural.
State is always depends on global economic affairs.
State is always a Babylon system.
State is fascism as well as racism.
So, the rulers are fascists and racists.
State destroys our faith by changing its position every day.
State is hell on earth.

8. What is slavery?
Slavery is one in problems while the other relaxes.
Slavery is to let make others things
we have to do ourselves.
Slavery is the way state works.
Slavery is, no right on a free path of living our own wishes,
just like no private life.
Slavery is any kind of work for money in capitalism
because the money control the Speed and intensity of work
more than the Things to live. Slavery destroys health.
Slavery is more an organized abuse.
Slavery governments are using to pay
their expensive way of Life.
Slavery is murder.

9. was ist system ?
System is CIA, FBI, SDI, NSA, and NASA.
System Coordinates people in the way of capitalism
with all Possibilities.
The Governments, lawyers, judges, military, education
and Medicine are the main parts of the system.
System always works from top to bottom.
People are the last part of the system.
System is all kinds of trade worldwide.
System is to get power and hold for every capitalist.
System destroys resources, just like nature, without regard.
System is the death.

10. The thought
The thought is peace worldwide.
We think that we are able to live On Earth without
capitalism, violence, terror, war, State, slavery and System.
We live in a time where capitalism is destroying our peace,
love, family, Nature, culture, respect, freedom, justice,
health, Living together and Life.
We are able to stop this destruction.
We begin with a Worldwide Revolution against capitalism,
violence, Terror, war, State, slavery and system.
The end of the revolution is if there is
a solution for peace-worldwide.
We want to live in peace and love,
with every Sister and every Brother.