General Islam

General Islam

Head of Worldwide Revolution

Real name: Ferhat Ataman (computer scientist)

Official date of birth: 01/01/1972 (real date unknown)

City of birth: Samsun in The Republic of Turkey

Migrated to Hannover in Germany 1973

Migrated to Amsterdam in The Netherlands 2017

Other Names: Crasy legs (breakdancer name), The Genius Of The 21ST Century (inspired name), Vahrrad (sprayer and nic-name), Radio Rahim (musician name), Pr.Dr.Psych.Pyhs.Kareem Ali Enfa (media name), F.Freedom (name called by the people), Soul Brother X (spiritual name), Amin (writer and short name), X (unknown soldier name) Allah X & Allah X Amin (official name) X Amin 1 & X Amin One (artist name), The Last Peacemaker (inspiration name), Public Enemy Number One (the only one).

Under Cover Names: Pr.Malik J.F.I.X., Ben Adam, Ion Abrahams, Islam Shakur, Islam Al Ilah, Adam Quai.

General Islam in Hannover in Germany 2001